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 Well, this Universe is next to the one we know of. There are many races of humanoids all throughout it. We will only focus on one planet, and a very large one at that. It like earth is atmosphere (basically speaking humans can and do survive here), it's just the sky is more... Translucent? You can see neighboring planets and huge nebulae, all that good stuff. The sky takes on more of a light pink instead of blue, but in some areas it is more orange. The "Europe" on this planet is huge. The "Americas" are just one large land mass and islands scattered about.  The "Asia" and "Africa" here are connected like Europe and Asia here, where it technically is just one large land mass.


There are really no diseases here (which means condoms are not needed :D.) The only things here that can cause bodily harm naturally are some plants.

Dominant Government type|

Parliamentary Monarchy


Christianity (very different from the Christianity here)




Wait... No islam? Exactly, as I am prejudice against it (very much so.) Instead, the major religions of the Persian Empire BEFORE islam take its place.

Language(s) of Trade|




Notable Empire(s)|

Leuchenreich. It is HUGE, taking up one-third of the "European" continent and has mile-wide lands that serve as training grounds and bases for the military around all of the countries on the continent to act as boarders to keep conflict from happening (it's like the "police" of "Europe"). The Empire is the most powerful country in the world, which is the reason German is the language of trade.

           Conflicts: Mission Reconstruction (war between Leuchenreich and Jomfruford.) Cause:bombing of the Capitol and every major city in Leuchenreich and its Allies. The goal of this war is to overthrow the strict communist dictorship, destroy anything and anyone that could revive it, save those who are hunted by the government and to rebuild the ex leuchen-Dunyashian colony into a satellite country that will be controlled by Leuchenreich and Dunyasha. (it will work because the countries and its leaders get along extremely well.)

Dunyasha. This is the Russian speaking empire. This is the second most powerful country in the world. This is also the largest country in the world, spanning from East "Europe", across the Isthmus between "Europe" and "Asia" and even extending into "Africa." Unlike Leuchenreich, Dunyasha is an absolute monarchy, but it seems to work well for them.

        Conflicts:Mission Reconstruction. The country didn't suffer any damage, but the Emperor has set a vendetta against Jomfruford and has blown its way through the west of the country, destroying any and all supporters of the dictator and his images, monuments, and capitol buildings (after evacuating any hostages or hiding victims[of the dictatorship] of course.)

Aygül. This Turkish-speaking country controls most of the Central Sands between Europe and Asia (large area.) Both continents use Aygül as a gateway to each other, using the language as a common ground for the two very different places. 

      Conflicts: currently in a tiff  with Saxon over them abusing the resources of Aygül. They declared themselves neutral in the Mission Reconstruction, but they supply  Dunyasha and Leuchenreich with supplies, which they make sure are paid in full up front. none of that "I'll pay you back" shit.
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So sorry

Jun. 25th, 2012 05:36 pm
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I know that Dreamwidth is like an artistic journal. I haven't uploaded anything I've created because rarely do I finish anything. I'll find something, maybe I will write my asylum challenge inspired story on here. ... That sounds like a good idea to me.
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I originally got this sole to post my sims legacy, but- oh my god is that a streaker at the hotel?? Pardon, I'm playing it as I type. As I was saying, I may post photo edits I do as well, but then this journal would have to be put on restrictions from the younger public, and it wouldn't make since with an almost 17 year old being the one to run it. Oh well, censoring isn't so bad (yes it is.)


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